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When Can I Expect Delivery of My Infinity Plantation Shutters from K&B?

K&B’s custom made, locally manufactured (Australian made) and designed Infinity Plantation Shutters are deliverable between 2-3 weeks in Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


How Strong are Infinity Plantation Shutters?

The rails, stiles and louvres of Infinity shutters are all reinforced with aluminium inserts. They are made from a Polymer-Carbon-Glass Fibre composite. These two factors ensure your product won’t crack, chip, split or warp; a clear representation of increased strength over other competing window treatments, including blinds.


Are Infinity Shutters Suitable for Outdoor Applications?

Infinity is PERFECT for indoor shutters OR outdoor window shutters. However, we would recommend our aluminium louvres in areas of high water contact.


Can I Use the Infinity Window Shutter System as a Room Divider?

Short answer: yes. The versatility of K&B’s australian made window shutters allow them to be used in a variety of applications – an internal room divider being one such example.


What are the Diffferent Operation Options for K&B’s Infinity Shutters?

Infinity shutters can be fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-fold. Follow the links at the top of this page to view pictures of each.


Is the Tilt-Rod Visible, and How Do I Rotate the Louvres?

The tilt-rod is not visible in K&B’s Infinity shutters or AllviewiQ PVC Plantation Shutters allowing an unobstructed view. It’s tucked in behind the stile.

The louvre blades are easily adjustable by moving any of the blades up or down with your hand. The hidden tilt-rod connects the blades (louvres) meaning one blade can control the rotation of them all. In some circumstances it may be desirable for a ‘split-rotation’ system whereby your shutter is split in two and either the top half or bottom half can be opened separately. This is also sometimes referred to as “split-tilt”.


What Louvre Blade Sizes are Available?

The louvre blades of K&B’s Infinity shutters are available in 3 sizes: 64mm, 89mm and 114mm. 89mm is the standard in the industry and what is used in approximately 80-90% of orders.


How Does Infinity Compare to Timber Shutters?

  1. 1. Infinity shutter products have a 20 Year Warranty compared to an industry standard of approximately 5 years for timber shutters in Australia.
  2. 2. Timber quality varies by source. Over time, even the highest quality timber shutters can sag due to our harsh climate. Combine this with the potential for an inferior timber and it becomes a risky investment with elements out of your control. Infinity shutters are made from a Polymer-Carbon-Glass Fibre composite which is environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic, fire retardant and non-carcinogenic.
  3. 3. Timber shutters require repainting every few years whereas Infinity shutters require little to no maintenance.

Are You That Company With the Radio Ad?

We are! In a market place unfortunately dominated by inferior quality imported shutters, we felt it was important to get there message out that we could deliver our custom made, locally manufactured (Australian made) Infinity Plantation Shutters in just 2-3 weeks compared to the 8-12 weeks offered by our competitiors.

“Beautiful Shutters, Fitted Fast” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a promise to our customers – present and future.


Aren’t Blinds Cheaper Than Plantation Shutters?

Blinds are undoubtedly cheaper than shutters, but for good reason – they just don’t last. By comparison, our Infinity shutters have a 20 Year Warranty. Put simply: plantation window shutters are an investment for your “forever home”. Blinds are a short-term fix for an investment property or house you intend to move out of.


Additional Information incl. Warranty and Colour Options

Infinity shutters are: hypo-allergenic, recyclable, known to insulate far better than timber, fire-retardant and non-carcinogenic.

Four colour options are available: Vivid White, Bright White, Classic White and Off-White.

Infinity comes with a  20 year warranty, but with appropriate care can be expected to last much longer.

Don’t fall for the “import trap” and wait longer than you have to for your new custom made indoor shutters.

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